Live Streaming Video

Connect with your audience authentically.

Live video helps you connect with your audience, clients and potential clients in a new and more personal way. Many of us are still working from home and do not have the opportunity for face to face interaction with our audiences. Going Live can break down the digital walls and allow your audience to connect with you and your business in a more raw, authentic way.

Here are some tips to help ensure your Go-Live experience showcases you and your brand in the best light:

  1. Choose a location distraction and noise-free with good lighting. Natural light is best. Fans and a/c can be loud background noise, turn off if possible.
  2. Place your phone on a sturdy surface to avoid shaky video.
  3. Practice going live on Facebook by using the “only me” setting before going live publicly to check your connection, lighting and sound.
  4. Let your audience know ahead of time that you will be going live by posting an announcement one day ahead of time.
  5. Have a plan. Know what your talking points and main ideas will be.
  6. Introduce yourself and what you are talking about at the beginning and again throughout the video for people that join later.
  7. Interact with viewers and commenters during your live video
  8. Encourage people to share the video.
  9. Make eye contact with the camera during the video. People want to connect with you.
  10. End with eye contact and a smile. Give it a couple of seconds in the end before cutting off the recording.
How often are you posting live video on your social channels?