Email Marketing

Captivate and increase your online audience

Email newsletters are a win-win for all sized businesses and benefit companies and consumers alike. Why? Email newsletters give businesses a forum to send their message and story to a captivated, qualified audience, while providing massive value to that audience.

Just to show you what that looks like for business to consumer marketers adding automation to emails allows those businesses to see conversion rates as high as 50%. You won’t see that on social media.

You will see that your email subscribers are 3x more likely to share content via social media, enhancing your social media marketing strategy by getting the word out.

To help you craft your next newsletter, here are 10 content ideas plus a bonus tip:

1. Message from your CEO or Founder

2. An article about your company in the media

3. Recent blog post

4. Important events/dates related to your industry

5. How-to video featuring one of your products

6. Top ten list related to your industry

7. Team member spotlight

8. FAQs – pick one Question that people have and answer it in detail

9. Before and after stories/case studies

10. Upcoming events and webinars

11. Photos customers have shared

Do you have an email list? Are you sending emails regularly to that audience?