Social Media Coordinator

Louis Hernandez, Social Media Coordinator, manages social media accounts for our clients, serves as an account manager, and assists with strategy, research, and planning. The ultimate goal is to get the client high visibility through social media.

Louis is always eager and excited to learn new skills, whether it’s taking pictures for clients or helping the team around the office. Louis is most thrilled about the ever-changing industry and soaking up all the available knowledge there is to know about marketing, to better assist and support clients.

He is currently finishing his degree in Marketing at the University of Reno, Nevada.

Prior to joining the IPSM team, he worked at General Electric Oil and Gas where he held various roles. During his 5 years with the company he gained much experience in process and procedures, commitment to the customer, team work, and leadership, to name a few. All which have prepared him to provide work of excellence in any area of work.

When not at work or school, Louis enjoys spending time outdoors, playing soccer or basketball, hiking, fishing and mountain biking.  He also loves to travel abroad, having already been to Spain, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, and more. A little fun fact about louis is that he has a sweet tooth for sour candy, specifically- sour patch kids.